MySQL URL properties

Property Description Type
user The MySQL login ID. This property is required unless the auth-part of the URL was used.

Example: user=root

password The password for user. This property is required unless the auth-part of the URL was used.

Example: password=swordfish

connect-timeout Connect timeout in seconds. Default is 3 seconds. It is a checked runtime error to use a value equal to or less than 0.

Example: connect-timeout=5

Integer (seconds)
compress Use the compressed client/server protocol. Default is false.

Example: compress=true

Boolean (true/false)
use-ssl Used for establishing secure connections using SSL. OpenSSL support must be enabled/linked in the client library. Default is false.

Example: use-ssl=true

Boolean (true/false)
charset Use this character set when communicating with the server. MySQL charsets, e.g. "utf8" or "latin1".

Example: charset=utf8

auth-plugin The name of the authentication plugin to use. For MySQL 8 or later

Example: auth-plugin=mysql_native_password

secure-auth Whether to connect to a server that does not support the password hashing used in MySQL 4.1.1 and later. Default is false. Not applicable to MySQL 8 or later

Example: secure-auth=true

Boolean (true/false)
unix-socket Connect to the database server over a unix socket on localhost. The unix-socket value should be the full path to the socket file. MySQL use default the file /tmp/mysql.sock. Note that this is different from the PostgreSQL unix-socket parameter which specify the path to the directory where the socket file is located.

Example: unix-socket=/tmp/mysql.sock

String (file path)
fetch-size The number of rows that should be fetched from the database when more rows are needed for ResultSet objects. Default is 100 rows. Rows are retrieved in-memory. A larger value will make libzdb use more memory.

Example: fetch-size=10

Number []